Often it is equally difficult working with the family of a client as it is the client him or herself. Many families attempt to tackle the difficult task of addiction intervention with the client without the experience to manage the family dynamics that ensue. We have found it is most effective to have a professional interventionist guide the efforts towards a common goal for all persons involved. Dan Cronin is the experienced interventionist that guides those efforts.

When someone finally realizes they need help, the concern expressed by a formal act of addressing the problem with them, guided by a professional intervention specialist like Dan Cronin, often brings realization and acceptance on the part of the individual addicted. And that is one of the first steps in recovery.

Dan Cronin is nationally recognized as the of the country’s leading interventionists. He and his team have intervened in hundreds of cases culminating in successful outcomes. They know how to guide family and friends through every detail of a family intervention and help to ease the fears and doubts associated with taking that first step. Their services encompass addiction-related crises resulting from alcohol, drugs and sex, mental illness, trauma, eating disorders, and gambling. Tell Us Your Story.