Over a 25-year career, Dan Cronin has become a leading figure in the fields of addiction intervention, alternative sentencing and case management. The popular reference book Addiction And Treatment For Dummies lists Dan as the country's top Interventionist. Dan has served as Director of Counseling with the Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Programs for the NHL and as Co-Founder/Program Director for Major League Soccer's SABH. He serves on the clinical advisory board for the Veteran's Healing Initiative and has been a trusted, confidential counselor to many celebrities and corporations.

When the time comes, there's no time to waste. Dan and his team of intervention specialists respond quickly, analyze thoroughly, and recommend a treatment plan that will offer the most effective solution.

He becomes the confidant of the client, always there when needed, interacting with families, friends and facilities, building the base of support needed to turn his or her life around.

The first priority is to ensure the client's safety and protect their dignity. Once we've determined the character of the problem, we provide a course of action that motivates the client to recover and helps them get back into being productive in their own lives at the same time.

Our Services

Treatment Referrals for Substance Abuse

Finding the best substance treatment facility that meets the client where he or she is at can be a difficult first step in the entire process of getting treatment: We are the first choice for major organizations and other healing professionals to find the most appropriate level of care in the time of crisis. Learn more

Long-Term Case Management

Residential treatment is often only the introduction to recovery and that the longer the continuum of care the more effective the outcome. We provide a treatment mode that is flexible, accessible, and tailored to meet each client's individual needs for relapse prevention. Learn more

Family Intervention

Often the most difficult work involved in an intervention is not with the client but it is with the families: We have found, in the majority of cases when the family is involved, its most effective to have a professional interventionist guide all involved in a family intervention towards a common goal. Learn more

Alternative Sentencing

It's a critical balance, providing care for the client and accountability to the courts: With our proven track record of well over 5,000 successful cases, the results we can offer are unparalleled. Learn more